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Plymouth Maids
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The Plymouth Maids were established in 1980. The 'Leader', as she was then known, was Kath Wilson. The original members were few but keen and with the assistance of the Plymouth Morris Men began performing out in public in the summer of 1980.

The Maids dance in clogs, which was the typical footwear worn in the North West of England well into the twentieth century. They perform a variety of dances in the style of North West Morris, but also include some step dances.

Clog or processional Morris is a much more modern type of 'Morris Dance' than, for instance, Cotswold Morris. It originated in the county areas of Lancashire and Cheshire in the 18th century. At the time of the rush harvests, the rushes were used to decorate carts which were pulled by teams of men or women , who would stop and perform ritual dances during the procession. Such dances have seen a recent revival and are performed by teams throughout the country.

The Maids practise new dances from October to May, they then perform for the public at various locations, including Folk Festivals both home and abroad, fêtes, pubs, and in the streets of Plymouth and other tourist attractions.

The costume, based on a 19th century mill girls' working clothes, is made by the members themselves and is highlighted and personalised by hand embroidery on the apron.

The Maids pride themselves that they give of their best when performing out, they look good, they work as a team, but most importantly they enjoy themselves!

Listen to the Maids on John Govier's Radio Devon show.

This year the Maids will be supporting St Luke's Hospice, Turnchapel.

"Clogs, colour, conviction. This lot will leave you smiling - a pageant all on their own." (Cornwall Folk Festival Programme 2003)